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This is a BDSM function - There is no full nudity and no sexual activity but there are no reasonable restrictions on play as long as you are playing safely and within your capabilities.


To ensure the respect for everyone's privacy, cameras are not allowed . We have an official photographer at every Chains function.


We respect your right to simply watch without participating.

We ask you to respect the other guests' privacy and their play choices.

If you don't like something, please just walk away.

Please respect people’s personal space – no one likes being crowded

Please show manners with everyone, No means NO - no discussions about this.

BDSM needs a good atmosphere for concentration, please do not interrupt or disturb any play scenes, and please BE QUIET in the playroom.

If you are asked to move aside, please do it without discussion. (Any complaints can be expressed to the staff.)

Please bring your own toys – and please do not touch other people’s toys or property.


Chains supports the "Safe, Sane and Consensual" motto.

Anyone arriving drunk will not be allowed entry

Anyone intoxicated or found to be using drugs will be asked to leave.



Play activities are restricted to the designated play area ONLY.

The play area is supervised for your safety by experienced Dominants. If you are asked to stop any activity, please do so immediately, because you may not be aware of some risk for you or your partner.

If you see something you think is dangerous or non- consensual, please report it immediately to a staff member who will take care of the problem.

If you wish to do something that maybe considered edge play or confronting to other patrons, please have a conversation with Master Joe first, to make sure it is appropriate for Chains.


If you have any questions, please ask, there will always be someone who can answer your query.

Chains thanks you for your co-operation - Have fun!